Bank Secrecy Waiver and Relationship Terms of Business

Bank Secrecy Waiver (PDF, 148KB) the agreement which needs to be signed in order to able to share customer information with other HSBC entities and third parties (if necessary) and to enable HSBC's customers to access and benefit from the wider HSBC group network.

Relationship Terms of Business (PDF, 440KB) general terms that govern the relationship between HSBC and its customers (e.g. general contractual terms, collection, processing and sharing of customer information, data protection, financial crime risk management, tax compliance).

Completed documents should be sent to the address below:

HSBC Bank plc, London, Zurich Branch
Gartenstrasse 26

PO BOX 1818
8027 Zurich

If you wish to send this form electronically please contact your Relationship Manager.

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